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location: HelpOnLinking / NotesLinks

Notes Linking

Versions and Enabling

Notes linking is enabled in 1.6.3 and 1.7. For older releases follow the instructions in HelpOnConfiguration for "url_schemas". Add the word "notes" in lowercase to the schemas.


[[Notes://GunganCen/CA256992000B94BF/BC4B9A3C3F7C5458CA256A6C001A64F1/B0558F2B9DDB41C3CA25741900006827 | TA Branch Meeting]]


[[notes:///CA256992000B94BF/BC4B9A3C3F7C5458CA256A6C001A64F1/B0558F2B9DDB41C3CA25741900006827 | TA Branch Meeting]]